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Recommended By Experts weight gain diets best cleanse for weight loss Sale s, and had a measure in his heart, but he didn t say much.Following the boy, he came to a ruined temple weight gain diets Clinical Proof all the way, with a few small people at the door.The child was watching secretly. Seeing someone coming, he ran away in a hurry, but it didn t take long before he came back again.Brother, you re back, how about it, did you find the ambergris A few children came up, surrounded by the young man just now, with a somewhat eager look in his weight gain diets eyes.The young man glanced at Bu Feiyan, nodded, glanced at Bu Feiyan, and motioned for Bu Feiyan.Follow me here. When Bu Feiyan walked along, I thought about it in my heart.From beginning to end, it was not a trap for them. What this young man wanted was not her purse at all, what he wanted at the beginning It s the Ambergris of the Three Kings Mansion.This chain of traps are intertwined, without the slightest omission, but Feiyan has to admire it in her heart.Brother, you are back. Entering the ruined temple, a seven or eight year old girl ran out and threw herself into the arms of the young man just now.There was a bit of crying in her tone. Brother, just now the mother kissed her and vomited blood again.The boy picked up the little girl with one hand, wiped her tears weight gain diets Clinical Proof with one hand, looked at Wen Sheng and weight gain diets Wholesale said, Don t cry, mother will be saved soon.After speaking, he opened the door and entered the room, Bu Feiyan followed behind him.This ruined temple, although it looks a little chaotic on the outside, but inside, there are weight gain diets hidden secrets everywhere.The young man held his sister in one hand and walked in front. Although the figure is a bit thin, but it looks very reassuring.Pay weight gain diets attention to the road under your feet, and follow me. The boy said th

is, and the steps under his feet suddenly changed. Bu Feiyan glanced at it, and it became clear that he thought it weight gain diets Umeen Hiria was a formation here. Thinking of this, the corners of her mouth couldn t help but lifted up slightly. Talking about this trap, she felt that it was good that she had entered. The boy took Bu Feiyan and quickly passed the acupuncture technique, came to the back of a screen, stretched out weight gain diets his hand on top 5 green tea for weight loss in india it and tapped it lightly. The screen retreated automatically, and then a weight gain diets staircase weight gain diets leading to the ground appeared, and Bu Feiyan s eyes flashed Cheapest And Best weight gain diets with surprise. Following weight gain diets Umeen Hiria the young weight gain diets man, I went down the stairs. Below the stairs, there was a huge basement with many rooms. If Bu Feiyan hadn t seen the basement of the Three Kings Palace. She will definitely be amazed by here. The boy walked a few corners with Bu Feiyan without saying a word, and then came to the door of a room. When the door was opened, a rotten smell wafted out of it, Bu Feiyan frowned, and his stomach surged. Turning around, it dried up. The boy took a look at Bu Feiyan, stood at the door, paused, and tore a piece of fabric from his cuff. He handed it weight gain diets Umeen Hiria to Bu Feiyan, and said in weight gain diets a low voice You can cover it weight gain diets with this temporarily, I m bothering you. Bu Feiyan felt that his mind is quite delicate, reached out his hand to take weight gain diets it, covered his nose, and walked in There was a person lying on the bed with a rancid smell on his diet prescription body, if it weren t for the slight undulation of his chest. Bu Feiyan that fat gal of mine thought this person had been weight losing home remedies dead for a long time. This is my mother, please help her. The young man put the little girl in his arms on the ground, walked to the bed by himself, weight loss during pregnancy second trimester and lifted the quilt off the man. What caught the eye was a larg

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e area of rotten skin, the expression on the boy s face stiffened, and then the quilt was covered.Looking at Bu Feiyan, she said My mother s poison must be saved with ambergris.Please weight gain diets give me the ambergris now. Bu Feiyan looked at the man lying on the bed.When weight gain diets the woman glanced at it, her body was already lifeless. However, he still took a breath and didn t break his breath.The situation was strange. Bu Feiyan leaned down and stretched out his hand I wanted to get the pulse of the woman, but I didn t want to, and was stopped by the boy.My mother is very poisonous, and my mother must weight gain diets not take risks with her body.When the young man said these things, his expression was tense, and when he saw this, weight gain diets he smiled slightly.Ignoring the young man, he went to check the pulse of the woman for himself, but didn t want to, but this probe surprised her.This woman clearly looked like she weight gain diets had weight gain diets been poisoned by someone in her body.Bu Feiyan s eyes flashed with surprise, but she didn t say anything.She got up, but did not give the ambergris in her hand to the boy, but weight gain diets said to the boy You follow me.The boy had been observing Bu Feiyan s face, but his face changed slightly when she saw it.I knew that Bu Feiyan must have noticed the abnormality of that woman s body.So he didn t say much, and followed Bu Feiyan to the door. Niang Niang just weight gain diets promised me that if I really use weight gain diets it to save people, give me the ambergris.Bu Feiyan nodded after hearing this, looked at the boy with a slightly serious expression, and then continued to speak.Said Your mother was poisoned weight gain diets by someone, you should know it. Even though she knew that Bu Feiyan had already understood that her mother was poisoned by someone, she said that, t

hat weight gain diets The boy, still stunned. In the eyes of Bu Feiyan, slim board shark tank there was a moment of murderous aura. But this killing intent was quickly hidden by him, and Bu Feiyan weight gain diets pretended not which fruits should be avoided for weight loss to know. This ambergris can undo the weight gain diets poison in your mother s body, but the Cheapest And Best weight gain diets gu in your mother s body cannot be undone. Bu Feiyan said here, the young man s eyes cat losing weight changed slightly, but what it was still None said. Seeing this, Bu Feiyan sighed, and continued to speak You have to think about weight loss blog women it. The weight gain diets poison weight gain diets jeffrey dean morgan weight loss in your mother s body is suppressed by this weight gain diets poison. The two restrain each other, but

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