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10 Natural Ways easy cutting diet diet plan for men to lose weight and build muscle On Sale Empress Empress.Su Feng came up in her arms and bowed to all the concubines, and then said easy cutting diet again.Bu Feiyan nodded, knowing that it must be Chu Xiliang who made Su Feng Huai came over to save Bu Feiyan.But before she could say yes, he heard Ah Jiu who was sitting on the side laughing a few times, and then said Hehehe, is Grandpa Su serving the emperor so leisurely If my palace remembers correctly, this is too The hospital is separated from the Imperial Study Room.It should be quite far away. When Grandpa Su was easy cutting diet Shop waiting for the emperor, why did he meet Doctor Li.Ah Jiu s words were really harsh, but Bu Feiyan heard her easy cutting diet Sale say that, but it was only a little He smiled, but didn t speak, he glanced at Su Fenghuai.Su Feng s Huaizi an Palace has been in the palace for so long, and if he couldn t even deal with this difficulty, he wouldn t have climbed all the way to the position of chief eunuch.The imperial easy cutting diet concubine joked and laughed, and the doctor Li came to easy cutting diet find the emperor s pulse every day.So he ordered the slave to come and call the empress. Su Fenghuai said without changing his face.Ah Jiu s sharp question was so stubbornly raised by Su Fenghuai, she was suffocated in her heart, but it was not good to just happen like this.I can only smile awkwardly Su Gonggong don t want to think about it, this palace is just easy cutting diet In 2020 a little curious, after all, there are some people in this palace who know each other and don t know their heart.Su Fenghuai could naturally hear easy cutting diet the implicit meaning of Ah Jiu s words.He smiled, but didn t say much. Since the empress has something to do, the concubines no long

er bother. Mu Chengyun, who had been silent and silent, stood up at this time and said. Bu Feiyan glanced at her. This Mu Chengyun, the family of these concubines who entered the palace at the same time, is the strongest and the most easy cutting diet Umeen Hiria temperamental. Deeply, after the other concubines entered the palace, they all showed good to Bu Fei Yan. Only this Mu Chengyun, has easy cutting diet walking and belly fat always been faint, easy cutting diet without any movement. Such a woman slimquick keto shark tank is much smarter than those with a sharp edge. Well, that s okay, if that s the case, then you should step back first. Bu Feiyan waved his hand, and everyone 100% Effective easy cutting diet retreated. After everyone had gone, Bu Feiyan got up Su Gong Gong, wait a minute, I ll change easy cutting diet my clothes. After sitting here for easy cutting diet so long, she felt restrained, so she wanted to change to a more comfortable dress. Su Fenghuai waited for a while, and saw Bu Feiyan come out Let s go, the emperor must be waiting in a hurry. Got it. Hearing Bu Feiyan said this, Su Fenghuai was silent for a while, and then she spoke again Queen, Empress, it is true that Doctor Li ordered the slave to come to you. Bu weight loss pill without diet and exercise Feiyan s steps stopped for a while, turned to look at Su Fenghuai, Su Fenghuai nodded easy cutting diet Umeen Hiria to Bu Feiyan. Bu Feiyan was a little surprised A Liang, he really calls Doctor Li to losing weight healthy come easy cutting diet liquid diet weight loss recipes over easy cutting diet every day. Find him out easy cutting diet Bu Feiyan was a little unbelievable. If Chu Xiliang s evildoer really wanted to find someone to get his pulse, he would definitely use this as an excuse. If she asked her to get his pulse every day, how could he easy cutting diet Umeen Hiria go to Doctor Li See Bu. With the surprised look in Feiyan s eyes, Su Feng pursed his mouth, and then said The emperor called D

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octor Li today, in fact, he wanted to give his easy cutting diet condolences to Doctor Li, and easy cutting diet by the way, he was able easy cutting diet to rescue the empress.Su Fenghuai s words were simple, but Bu Feiyan easy cutting diet was smart and understood what he meant.Seeing Bu Feiyan didn t speak, Su Fenghuai raised his eyes and quietly easy cutting diet glanced at Bu Feiyan s face, seeing that the corners of Bu Feiyan s mouth were a little bit Seem easy cutting diet like nothing Smile.Knowing, Bu Feiyan must have understood Chu Xiliang s good intentions.No longer said anything, followed Bu Feiyan, all the way to the royal study room.Inside, the doctor Li, as expected, saw Bu Feiyan coming in and saluted Bu Feiyan.Master, I heard Grandpa Su said that you have something to find me Well, after going through the medical books in the past few days, I have found the same herb that can temporarily restrain that Gu technique.Bu Fei Yan was planning to pour himself a cup of tea. After listening to Li Hongrui s words, his hand shook and the tea was poured directly outside.Chu Xiliang caught a glimpse of Bu Feiyan s small movements and came to him, naturally taking the teapot in Bu Feiyan s hand and helping Bu Feiyan to put it on easy cutting diet the other side.Then he stretched out his hand and patted Bu Feiyan s shoulder, leaned over to Bu easy cutting diet Feiyan s ear and said in a low voice, Go, it s okay to be back before dinner.Bu Feiyan turned and glanced at Chu Xiliang, with a look in her eyes.With a hint of dark color, Chu Xiliang looked at her in such a dazed manner and curled his easy cutting diet mouth.He laughed lowly a few times. He lowered his head again, his lips touched Bu Feiyan s lips lightly, and then he said If the

queen feels touched, just come back easy cutting diet at night and take care of me. Bu Feiyan was a little bit confused by nemo tango duo slim down 25 his words. Annoyed, Chu Xiliang caught him in the palm of his calories to lose weight calculator hand just as he wanted to twist him behind him, but he didn t want to. Chu Xiliang placed it in easy cutting diet the palm of his hand and kissed Bu Feiyan s finger lightly, and then said Why, are you not going Hearing the ridicule in Chu Xiliang s easy cutting diet tone, Bu Feiyan reached out and pushed. He took Chu Xiliang s shoulder, and then 7 days slim down said Huh, diet pills 1930s why don t you go, the emperor should take care of easy cutting diet your state affairs. After speaking, he turned around and left 100% Effective easy cutting diet with Li Hongrui. On the way, Li Hongrui took a look at Bu Feiyan, and then easy cutting diet said Queen Empress, the emperor really treats the Queen Empress with a good heart. Li amber heard weight loss before and after Hongrui never said these things to Bu Feiyan. However, he gave in to

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