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Good water weight diet girl getting ate out On Sale oken, and someone will come to meet the empress.After listening to Bu Feiyan, he nodded, no longer said anything, raised his whip, and ran all the way.Fortunately, the water weight diet city and county water weight diet where the plague broke out was a place not far from the capital, water weight diet Sale but even so, It took Bu Feiyan an hour to reach the place water weight diet of Cheng County.When he was about to reach the gate of the city, water weight diet Wholesale Bu Feiyan stopped the horse, put the horse aside, stood not far away, and hid his figure.Secretly watching the situation at the gate of the city. This city and county is already under martial law.The gate of the city and county is surrounded by a large number of soldiers.Several groups of soldiers are patrolling at the same time, and Bu Feiyan has no chance to sneak in.After waiting for a while, Bu Feiyan heard a gurgling sound from behind, Bu Feiyan turned around and saw a carriage, pulling a cart of grass and came over.Subconsciously, Bu Feiyan wanted to hide away. water weight diet But in these four weeks, she was discovered by the small mound where she was hiding.Bu Feiyan saw it and carefully fumbled out the dagger hidden in his sleeve, waiting for the group of people to come over.Seeing that the car came in front of Bu Feiyan. Bu Feiyan carefully held her breath, but seeing those people seeing herself, as if they had no intention of killing, a thought came to her and she hung herself on her waist.The mysterious iron token. It accidentally fell to the ground, and then pretended to be inadvertent, then picked it up again.I saw the Lord. The man, after seeing Bu Feiyan s token, water weight diet 100% Money Back Guarantee arched his hand and bowed to Bu Feiyan.Se

water weight diet Umeen Hiria eing him like this, Bu Feiyan frowned and glanced at him, and asked in a low voice, Who sent it. You are here. It s Young Master Yinghuai. The man said in a deep voice and returned water weight diet Young Master Yinghuai told us to escort the Lord to the city. Bu Feiyan nodded. The man turned around and ordered someone to remove the grass from the carriage. Then he came to Bu Feiyan and said, Lord, just lie down newest weight loss supplement on this miscellaneous lord. In the grass. Bu Feiyan nodded and turned over into the car. After topamax weight loss side effect Bu Feiyan lay down, those people put a few sticks on Bu Feiyan s body to support water weight diet Umeen Hiria some gaps. They put the grass again. Stepped on Feiyan s body. The carriage pulled a water weight diet cart of grass, and grumbled towards Chengjun, Bu Feiyan best workout classes to lose weight lay in the grass, quietly listening to the movement outside. Stop, what is it for The carriage was stopped by the guards outside the city. The man can green tea make you gain weight who had just stepped forward, said Hehe, the uncle, the perfect diet we have ordered from water weight diet above to travel to water weight diet Umeen Hiria and from the city. The county sent grass. When the guard heard him say this, a doubt flashed in his eyes, raised his eyes and glanced at him, and asked, Send the grass But there was a death order from the top to seal this place. No more grain and grass will water weight diet be sent here. The man nodded when he heard water weight diet the guard say water weight diet so, and water weight diet said, Yes, who said no Didn t the Provide The Best water weight diet above give a death order, everyone here He made a decapitation move, and then continued smiling and said However, the order from above is to burn it all down, so, brothers, this is not the first to come and send grass. Is it done The guard heard him say that, but he felt reasonable, but instead he t

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hought of something, he continued to ask Why, burn such a big city, just a little bit of grass, you Who are you fooling around, who do you say you are As that person said, his voice gradually became louder, and Bu Feiyan heard the noise outside, his heart tightened, if he procrastinated further.When Chu Xiliang s people arrived, she water weight diet couldn t get water weight diet in even more.When Bu Feiyan was anxious, I heard the man just now say Haha, this big brother, look at you, you are not scaring the water weight diet honest people, we are a group of people, of water weight diet course, but we are It s the first battle.Everyone knows the situation here. Once we get water weight diet in, we can t get out.So if we lose a bet, we will water weight diet come first. If we can get along, the rest of the brothers, too.It will come. The guard believed what this big guy said. After all, this city water weight diet and county will soon become a ghost town, and no one wants to come in.Nodded, the guard at the gate didn t say anything after all. He raised his foot to the carriage, followed the carriage, and then suddenly pulled out water weight diet the saber from his waist.After stabbing the pile water weight diet of grass a few times, the knife he pulled out was still clean and bright, and then he nodded and released the group of people.Upon seeing this, the big man hurriedly greeted several brothers and drove the carriage into water weight diet the city.After entering the city, the carriage came into a small remote box.Everyone pulled the grass away, stepping from the inside He came out and patted the dirt on his body.The big man took a look at Bu Feiyan and saw that there was no water weight diet wound on her body.He was relieved. Fortunately, Bu Feiyan was not in

Provide The Best water weight diet vegetables that help burn fat jured, otherwise he himself would not be able to explain to the Yinghuai above. Niangniang, we can send Niangniang here. If there are no flowers out for a long time, the people outside will definitely become suspicious. Bu Feiyan nodded when water weight diet he heard the man say this, and didn t keep them much. After all, this place is already infected by the plague, one more person comes in, there is more risk. If you go out, hurry water weight diet up and boosting weight loss find a place to hide. If you want to come to the emperor, if he knows that I water weight diet am not in cucumber and lemon juice for weight loss the palace, he water weight diet will best tea to lose weight water weight diet definitely find you. The big guys heard Bu Feiyan say this and nodded. Stopped staying, unloaded all the grass on phentermine and phendimetrazine the carriage, turned around and went out. Bu Feiyan watched the big guys disappear into the alley, covering his mouth and nose, and then quickly walked towards the center water weight diet of the city. On the way, Bu Feiyan saw the bodies of the refugees

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