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Free Samples Of best diet for belly fat apple cider vinegar tablets and weight loss Shop e turned around and left with Li Hongrui. On the way, Li Hongrui took a look at Bu Feiyan, and then said Queen Empress, the emperor really treats the Queen Empress with best diet for belly fat a good heart.Li Hongrui never said these things to Bu Feiyan. However, he gave in to Feiyan to know that he must have something to say to himself.Master, why did you say this Bu Feiyan asked lightly. Li Hongrui listened best diet for belly fat Online Store to Bu Feiyan s low voice, sighed, and then said The matter of the queen empress and the emperor should not have been said much best diet for belly fat Ingredients and Benefits: by the lower officials, but now that the situation has changed, the empress should also consider more.Li Hongrui said something vaguely, but Bu Feiyan walked by his best diet for belly fat Wholesale side, always silent.Li Hongrui saw Bu Feiyan not speaking, for a moment, He didn t know if he should continue talking about Bu Feiyan s life in Bufu, he had heard of it.Since he was a child, he has not been favored by his parents, so since Li Hongrui accepted Bu Feiyan as his apprentice, he regarded Bu best diet for belly fat Feiyan as his own child.But no matter how you kiss, it is always the difference between the monarch and the minister.The master wants best diet for belly fat to say that if there are no such concubines in the palace, I can make trouble with the emperor any way I want, but now that I have these concubines, I have to curb my temperament.Bu Feiyan straightforw

ard general Li Hongrui best diet for belly fat s best diet for belly fat words came out, Li Hongrui was best diet for belly fat taken aback for a moment, then nodded in ways to lose weight at home silence. I know what the master diet prescription means, but sometimes, I think that if this thing really belongs to me, others will not best diet for belly fat Umeen Hiria be able to snatch it The newest best diet for belly fat away. Bu Feiyan said in a low voice. Before, Bai Qing did the same. She had said something similar, healthy lunch ideas for work to lose weight but Bu Feiyan s best diet for belly fat inner self esteem did not allow Bu Feiyan to best diet for belly fat do anything to retain her. Perhaps, everyone has a way for everyone to deal weight loss show on tv with best diet for belly fat Umeen Hiria best diet for belly fat Umeen Hiria love. Bu Feiyan s way of dealing with love is that raw foods diet weight loss she will maintain it, but her love cannot be mixed with any impurities. Well, the empress must know her in her own mind, but the official is too much. Li Hongrui heard Bu Feiyan say this, sighed, and said nothing best diet for belly fat more. The two best diet for belly fat came to the hospital. He Mingran was at the door. He saw Bu Feiyan, his eyes flashed with deep meaning, he took a best diet for belly fat step forward, as if he had something to say to Bu Feiyan. However, Li Hongrui spoke first Mingran, go and take the medicine that I gave you yesterday. He Mingran pursed his mouth, then turned and left. Li Hongrui looked at He Mingran s away back without saying anything. What, brought best diet for belly fat Bu Feiyan all the way to his small yard. There were some herbs in the yard. As soon as Bu Feiyan walked in, he smelled a faint fragrance of medicine. This was the spice

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that Bu Feiyan ordered to send a few days ago. If medicines are often kept in this yard, over time, they will be full of strong medicine.Bu Feiyan knew that Li Hongrui never liked the smell of these herbs. Therefore, a few days best diet for belly fat ago, I best diet for belly fat ordered people to come and send some best diet for belly fat best diet for belly fat spices.Where are the medicinal materials that the master said Bu Feiyan saw Li Hongrui walk to the yard and stopped, so he followed and asked.Li Hongrui pointed to the pile of herbs in front of him, and said, I have read from a medical book, saying that this kind of herb can inhibit the activities of best diet for belly fat Gu worms.If the medicine is used for a long time, it can further best diet for belly fat make best diet for belly fat the Gu worms sleep peacefully.Role. Hear Li Hongrui Said, Bu Feiyan s heart trembled slightly, if he could find a medicinal herb for Gu technique, maybe everything would change a lot.In addition to the description in the medical book, does the master have other reasons Bu Feiyan reached out and picked up a medicinal herb, placed it on the tip of his nose, sniffed it lightly, and asked in a low best diet for belly fat best diet for belly fat voice.Li Hongrui had long expected Bu Feiyan to ask this, shook his head, and sighed in a low voice I haven t found anyone yet.Those who are controlled by Gu technique are extremely difficult to control, so it s just a record in the book.After Bu Feiyan heard this, her fingert

ips twisted on the herb, and a thought best diet for belly fat flashed. She looked up at Li Hongrui and said Master, rest assured, I can find someone, but the master weight watchers success stories will lend The newest best diet for belly fat me these herbs. It s time to use it. Li Hongrui was taken aback when best diet for belly fat she heard her say this. He went to find Chu Xiliang best diet for belly fat today, just to ask Chu Xiliang if he could catch those people who were under Bu Weiheng Gu. However, Chu Xiliang said no. Even if Chu Xiliang couldn t gym workout routine for weight loss catch someone, Bu Feiyan had a fecal transplant for weight loss way. He wanted to ask more, but when he saw Bu best diet for belly fat Feiyan s best diet for belly fat expression, Li Hongrui still quietly said nothing. He Mingran took best diet for belly fat the medical book and handed it to Bu Feiyan. Bu Feiyan took it, and looked through it carefully. The medical book recorded only a few words. The real effect still needs to be done on the human body after experimentation. Master, I will leave this medical book first, and I will take the herb first. Bu Feiyan said, he wanted to turn around and leave, but he stopped as if he had suddenly thought of something. She paused, then looked back and looked at Li Hongrui with an unusually deep look in her eyes Master, can you tell slim down in 6 weeks app A Liang about this matter first Bu Feiyan said in a simple sentence without explaining the reason. And there are no extra words. Li Hongrui weight loss program questionnaire fixedly looked at Bu Feiyan for a while, then sighed and said The empress, you can

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