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10 Natural Ways nutrition diet advocare 24 day challenge weight loss results Low Price hold Li Hongrui, but didn t want to be avoided by Li Hongru, Li Hongrui glanced at Bu Feiyan , Faintly said This is not the place where the nutrition diet son should come.The son should go back quickly. Otherwise, if the upper part nutrition diet Customers Experience finds it out, these people will all suffer along with it.After Li Hongrui finished speaking, he turned around and wanted When he left, Bu Feiyan saw it, and raised his foot to keep up, but didn t want to be surrounded by the group of refugees.Seeing that Bu Feiyan was dying, she stood there, looking at Li Hongrui s back, and said loudly Master, they will set the city on fire once noon is over.Bu Feiyan s words made Li Hongrui s help. The nutrition diet footsteps paused, Bu Feiyan watched clearly, his thin body was so stiff in place.If nutrition diet Big Sale it is burned, then let the old man nutrition diet be buried together in this city.The old man watched so many people die here. To be buried with them would be regarded as repaying nutrition diet the old man s sins.After that, Li Hongrui So I stopped talking, raised my foot and continued to move forward.When Bu Feiyan heard him say this, tears fell in her eyes, and she instantly fell.She looked at Li Hongrui s back, and her voice was a little unspeakably nutrition diet Online sad Master, if you don t follow me, then I Together with the master, and the people here, died in this city.Bu Feiyan s words finally made Li Hongrui stop. He turned around and looked at Bu Feiyan.There were tears on his old face. It looks like vertical and horizontal.You child, why bother to suffer like this Although he didn t say much, Bu Feiyan s tone of voice had calmed down as he watched him, so he hurried through the crowd and came to Li Hongrui.Master, A Liang is really going to set the city on fire this time.The people on Bu Weiheng are already ready to write about the re

fugees. If they let Bu Weiheng s people rush ahead, let them go. Gu, the consequences are unimaginable. Bu Feiyan said, the expression on Li Hongrui nutrition diet s face was also a little uncertain. Said that Li Hongrui s gaze fell on the people holding sticks in front of them. Today, the people who nutrition diet Umeen Hiria are still alive are the ones in front of you. There are still some people in the tent, but they are lingering. Li Hongrui s voice was full of vicissitudes, and his face followed. Li Hongrui looked into the tent with his fingers, and saw nutrition diet a crowd of does cheat day help weight loss people lying compressedly inside. Those people, are they already infected with the plague Inside the tent, a bit of deathly silence revealed an indescribable depression in her heart. After a while, she asked in a low voice. come out. Li Hongrui nodded helplessly when she heard this question, nutrition diet and said, Yes, although I still have a breath now, it is a matter of time. When he said this, Li Hongrui suddenly grabbed his face. With his expression, he looked deeply at the people in the tent. After a long time, he let out a long sigh. It diet pills not drinking enough water gloat can nutrition diet Umeen Hiria t be saved. Bu Feiyan sighed. nutrition diet Now this situation nutrition diet is indeed useless. Here, besides the Free Samples Of nutrition diet master, are there any homemade appetite suppressant other imperial nutrition diet Umeen Hiria doctors still there Bu Feiyan looked around for a week, how to lose water weight in one day but did not find any other familiar figures. Hearing Bu Feiyan say this, Li Hongrui shook his head and sighed. Slowly he said, No, at first, the court sent five imperial doctors over. The old man nutrition diet was the first imperial doctor. However, after the other imperial doctors arrived here, they all contracted the plague first and then later, so they medicines to lose weight disappeared. Speaking of this, Li Hongrui s heart only felt as if it was stung by something, standing still, with trembling lips and a pale face. So, the people who are sti

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ll alive in this city are just the people in front of us.Bu Feiyan said, and looked around at the two nutrition diet dozen people in front of us, who could have thought.Such a plague. Let a city and county of tens of thousands of people be so devastated that only a few dozen people are left alive.That s it. Li Hongrui nodded. Bu Feiyan confirmed it, glanced at the people, thought for a moment, and then said Now it is not too late, you all follow me, I will take you out of the city.He raised nutrition diet his foot to walk outside, and walked a few steps, only to find that no one was walking outside with her.Upon seeing this, Bu Feiyan stopped and looked back at everyone. My son, we can nutrition diet t nutrition diet go.Our family is still here. Although they nutrition diet can t be saved, they are still alive.Someone stood up and said. When Bu Feiyan heard him say this, she was really anxious, looked at the crowd, took a step forward, and said When is this up, you are still hesitating here Do you nutrition diet really care about your own lives like this Those people hesitated when Bu Feiyan said this.When Bu Feiyan saw it, she was really anxious nutrition diet You are like this, do you want to be by their side After today s noon, all here Everything doesn t exist anymore.Come with me Because Bu Feiyan was anxious, her voice was a little loud.Li Hongrui saw that everyone was still hesitating. He was here for so long, so naturally he realized all of this.The mood of the person. So nutrition diet he took a step forward, came to Bu Feiyan, and said softly The son s kindness, they naturally understand it, but sometimes, things that they know rationally may not be able to do so rationally.Here, after all, they are all relatives and lovers they want to protect with their lives.Hearing Li Hongrui s words, Bu Feiyan also noticed that maybe he was too anxio

us just now, and glanced at the nutrition diet people. Although their what are good food to eat to lose weight eye sockets had sunk deeply, after listening to Li Hongrui s nutrition diet words, they turned red in an instant. Bu Feiyan reducing belly fat foods glanced at nutrition diet them, her nutrition diet successful dieting plans heart softened, and she nutrition diet herself had experienced how anxious she was pills that eat belly fat when she Free Samples Of nutrition diet watched her quick weight loss loyalty points beloved one suffer nutrition diet from illness. I understand how you feel in your hear

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