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2020 Hot Sale 2 week cleanse diet lose 2kg fat Customers Experience reaching the door, they saw a car parked at the door. Bu Feiyan s footsteps paused.After a while, the smile on her face faded a bit, and then she continued to lift her foot and walked inside.Pushing the door in, she saw a person sitting in the room, Xinyi stood quietly on the side with a cup on the table 2 week cleanse diet Qingcha.The people in the room heard the movement of pushing 2 week cleanse diet Wholesale the door, turned their heads and looked 2 week cleanse diet Do They Work around, and saw that Bu Feiyan had come in, they all got up hurriedly and saluted Bu Feiyan.Na Ah Jiu, supported by the maid, bowed his knees and saluted Bu Feiyan, but the knee did not kneel down.He just bent slightly and got up. Bu Feiyan glanced over Ah Jiu, ignoring her, since Gu came to the main seat and sat down.Xinyi saw that Bu Feiyan was back, and 2 week cleanse diet Big Sale she was a little relieved.Steps came to stand behind Bu Feiyan, and 2 week cleanse diet Bu Feiyan took a sip of hot tea from the table.It is the scented tea that she has always liked. The empress empress also likes scented tea.I have always studied flower tea. If the empress likes it, I can discuss it with the empress.Xinyi is following Bu Feiyan, so it is naturally clear about the conflict between Bu Feiyan and Chu Xiliang the other day.It s all because of the person in front of you. So, at this time, it s just that.I don t want to show her a good face. When the voice of Ajiu s voice just fell.Xinyi

glanced at Ajiu, smiled and said What kind of identity does the girl use to talk to the empress 2 week cleanse diet empress, in front of the 2 week cleanse diet empress empress The person who claims to be me 2 week cleanse diet is the emperor alone. When 2 week cleanse diet she weight loss creams that work spoke, she slammed Ah Jiu on an absolute path, but Ah Jiu didn t expect that at first, Xinyi will stumble her. The expression on his face was 2 week cleanse diet gloomy, but then he quickly hid his expression, stepped forward, and Yingying gave Bu Feiyan a bow. This was when she said softly If you go back to the empress, the girl is used to addressing the emperor, so in front of the empress, she forgot for a while, so please don t mind the empress. She said, He said very softly, but he revealed 2 week cleanse diet Umeen Hiria a piece of news to those present. The relationship between her and the emperor is very close. Everyone in the world knows that 2 week cleanse diet Umeen Hiria the emperor has never been close to female sex. The only person who can get close to the upper body 2 week cleanse diet of the emperor is this unique 2 week cleanse diet Umeen Hiria empress. But now, another woman has appeared, and the relationship between her and naltrexone appetite suppressant Chu Xiliang rapidly losing weight is even more intriguing. As a medically proven 2 week cleanse diet result, Xinyi felt a 2 week cleanse diet green weight loss pills little anxious for a while. She turned her head and glanced at Bu Feiyan, and saw a few smiles on her mouth. There 2 week cleanse diet was no sign of anger at all, such a doctor oz weight loss pills stepping face made Xin Yi a 2 week cleanse diet little relaxed. When she retracted her gaze, Xin Yi s eyes just caught a glimpse, that Ah Jiu s gift to Bu

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Feiyan was only half 2 week cleanse diet courtesy.In Chu State, according to the rules of 2 week cleanse diet the palace, only two people of equal status can do a half ceremony.She was clearly declaring war with Bu Feiyan silently. Thinking of this, Xin Yi couldn t help feeling annoyed in her heart.She just wanted to speak, 2 week cleanse diet but she didn t want her wrist to be pulled by Wang Qiu on one side.Wangqiu gave Xinyi a wink, but at this time, He Xinyi was already aroused by Na Ajiu, how could she take 2 week cleanse diet into account Shang 2 week cleanse diet Wangqiu s 2 week cleanse diet obstruction.She opened her mouth and said The girl s ethics is really eye opening.It is only a half ceremony to salute our empress and empress. Does the girl also want to be on the throne of the empress Xinyi said.Yes, a bit of a country has gone too far, so when Ah Jiu heard Xinyi say this, a panic 2 week cleanse diet flashed across his face.Then she knelt in front of Bu Feiyan with a thump, and said anxiously The empress empress is observant, the people s daughter has absolutely no such thoughts.She lowered her head and knelt in 2 week cleanse diet 2 week cleanse diet front of Bu Feiyan, with a few words in her face Divided into the weakness of a major illness, it makes people feel pitiful.The way of nature in this palace, you don t have that mind. With a soft smile, Bu Feiyan said lightly, the words were full of relief, but there was no intention to make her get up.Then Ah Jiu couldn t wait for Bu Feiyan s pardon,

so she could only kneel on the skinny bunny detox ground like this. As a result, her apparent temperament was one level lower than Bu Feiyan, and she was angry and anxious, but it made her face paler. By the way, what s the matter when you came to this palace today Bu Feiyan leaned his body slightly on the back of the back, and looked down at flip down slim tv mount the woman who was kneeling on the ground, with a bit of coldness in 2 week cleanse diet his eyes. After Minnv woke up, dr oz 3 teas for weight loss I heard the emperor said that it was the queen s 2 week cleanse diet empress who rescued the people s daughter, so I came to thank the empress s medically proven 2 week cleanse diet empress. Her voice was full of tenderness. Bu Feiyan smiled lightly, and faintly replied I save you, but it s just a matter of effort. If you can survive, exercises to burn belly fat fast you still have a better ability. After saying this, Bu Feiyan paused and continued to speak. Then he said After all, I have been killed, and 2 week cleanse diet with such a serious trauma, but still able to survive, exercises to slim down this is the first time in this world that I heard it. Bu Feiyan said, With a somewhat meaningful meaning, after Na Ah Jiu listened, the paleness on his face was obviously aggravated. Biting her lip, she laughed a few times, and then hurriedly ordered her little maid, who was kneeling aside, to 2 week cleanse diet say The maiden came to bring some cakes made by the maiden herself to the empress. I can like it. As he said, he gave the cakes to Bu 2 week cleanse diet Feiyan, and Bu Feiyan raised his hand t

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