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Provide The Best drinking water diets women with flat stomachs Do They Work Su Fenghuai also came in behind He Mingran and saw the scene in front of him.Although he had been used to seeing the world, he was shocked by the scene in front of him.The emperor allowed someone other than the empress to touch him. The key is that this person is a stranger or a man. Thinking of this, Su Feng couldn t help but reach out and patted his chest, he must be dreaming.On the contrary, He Mingran glanced at Chu Xiliang and then at the person lying in a coma.The expression on his face was nothing unusual. Look at what s wrong with her.Chu Xiliang drinking water diets drinking water diets Sale didn t feel at all how weird she was now, still speaking in a calm voice.He Mingran nodded, stepped forward to get Bu Feiyan s pulse, and then He stretched out his hand to probe Feiyan drinking water diets s forehead and thought a little bit before he said The emperor doesn t need to worry.Doctor Yan is only overworked, which makes his body weak. For a while, he was infected with a bit of wind and cold, and he took a few days drinking water diets For Sale rest.He will get better. In fact, it stands to reason that although He Mingran is young, but because of his superb medical skills, his status in the Imperial Medical Bureau is not low.Although Bu Feiyan is a doctor appointed by the emperor. However, such an identity, after all, is not worthy of bringing He Mingran over.However, after Chu Xiliang heard that Bu Feiyan had passed out in a coma, drinking water diets Big Sale he was still in a hurry and called He Mingran over.Su Fenghuai watche

d Chu Xiliang remembering He Mingran s instructions, and 6 ways to lose belly fat there drinking water diets was belly fat cream a drinking water diets strange thought in his heart. From the very beginning of entering the drinking water diets Umeen Hiria palace, the emperor directly asked Doctor Yan to take care of Bai Qing, and he did not shy away from letting her know about the existence of the little prince and the little princess. Then she was allowed to see that she didn t need to kneel down, drinking water diets Umeen Hiria including daily meals, which were all specially ordered to the royal dining room and delivered to him in accordance with drinking water diets the etiquette of the empress. And this person in front of me. Su Fenghuai glanced at the person lying on the bed, she was superb medical skills, and the empress was also superb drinking water diets medical skills. She doesn t like drinking water diets people waiting next to her, and so does the empress. The most important thing is that when she met the emperor, the emperor antipsychotic drug that causes weight loss soy milk weight gain didn t sell her and threw her out. The only person drinking water diets who could drinking water diets Umeen Hiria be treated like this in front of drinking water diets the emperor was the queen empress. Su Fenghuai, what are you going to do, Choosing a Safe and Successful drinking water diets let him go out. He Mingran had already explained over there. Chu Xiliang s thoughts were pulled back from Su Fenghuai. He glanced at Chu Xiliang, Chu Xiliang s eyes were a little cold. Of falling on him. For a moment, he felt that gaze could directly penetrate into his heart in an instant. See through all his thoughts and secrets. 1 fat burner pills Yes, the emperor. Su Fenghuai condensed his expression, arched his hand to Chu Xiliang, said in a respe

Choosing a Safe and Successful women with flat stomachs

ctful voice, and then took He Mingran out.After everyone was gone, the drinking water diets room suddenly became quiet. Chu Xiliang leaned forward, his face was as thick as one hand away from Bu Feiyan, and the breath of the two people intertwined.Bu Feiyan is hot, Chu Xiliang is cold. Bu Feiyan didn t know what she was dreaming of drinking water diets drinking water diets in her sleep.Chu Xiliang only felt that she drinking water diets was holding her hand tightly again, and she moved a little uncomfortably.Then he murmured a few words. A Liang, I miss you so drinking water diets much. It s not that I haven t heard Bu Feiyan treat myself Love words, but love words at this time, it sounds, but it is drinking water diets even more exciting.At the moment when she heard clearly what she said, in drinking water diets Chu Xiliang s heart, it seemed as if a grand firework exploded suddenly.It was so numb, it seemed that his brain drinking water diets was short circuited for a moment.Lowering his head, Chu Xiliang s lips drinking water diets accurately kissed Bu Feiyan s lips, so quietly in the room.He just like drinking water diets this, gently leaned over and lowered his head, and kissed the person who made him think about it day and night.After Su Fenghuai sent He Mingran back, he just turned around and saw this shocking scene in the house.The emperor leaned over and kissed Doctor Yan. Even though he was facing Su Fenghuai, Su Fenghuai still had an inexplicable determination, Chu Xiliang s eyes at the moment.It must be extremely gentle. Su Fenghuai suddenly confirmed a certain conjecture in his mind.He closed the door

quietly, and Su Fenghuai stood quietly at the door, drinking water diets without speaking or disturbing people. I don t know how long I waited, but after all I heard a sound of footsteps coming from the room, and the door was gently opened. Su exercises to slim down face Feng raised his eyes Choosing a Safe and Successful drinking water diets and glanced at Chu Xiliang. For some reason, the look drinking water diets that Su Fenghuai and Chu Xiliang met at each other made him feel a bit inexplicably guilty. The emperor. Su Fenghuai first called out, and Chu Xiliang nodded Let me come and take care of her. Su Fenghuai nodded, wanting to say something, but, in a word, it was so choking. In my throat, I couldn t say anything, I could only answer silently. drinking water diets healthy breakfast to lose belly fat The two walked a long way out of Bu Feiyan s courtyard, and princess before and after weight loss went back to the Imperial Study Room. Su Fenghuai glanced at Chu Xiliang. Seeing that Chu Xiliang didn t intend to say anything. So he didn t say much, and bowed to Chu Xiliang, and then planned to turn around and go out. When he walked to the door, he suddenly heard Chu Xiliang s voice coming from behind him. It lose weight meal plans was shady and cool, with a somewhat dangerous smell, even though there was not much ups drinking water diets and downs, but how did Chu Xiliang s tone how to lose fat and not muscle change after Su Fenghuai had been with Chu Xiliang for so long. He can still hear drinking water diets it. Today s things, you should know how to do it in the future. Su Fenghuai s back was instantly stiff. He stood there and was silent for a while before he spoke again The emperor can rest assured that the slave can co

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