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3 Guaranteed Ways fix it fast diet how to lose side fat in a week Online Store was letting Xinyi take care of Shumo and Wanwan.Although Bu Feiyan knew that Chu Xiliang would definitely not treat her two children wrongly, but after entering the palace, did not see them two, Bu Feiyan was always worried in her heart.After eating lunch, Bu Feiyan lay down and took a nap. When she woke up, she saw Su Momo opening the door.Su, what s wrong with my mother. Bu Feiyan hurriedly fix it fast diet entered when she saw Su, subconsciously thinking that something was wrong with Bai Qing, so she asked.However, as soon as the words were spoken, Bu Feiyan realized that he had said the wrong flower.Fortunately, Bu Feiyan had just woke up, and her voice was still a bit hoarse.In addition, Bu Feiyan s voice was not very loud. Su Mo Ye did not hear clearly.Doctor, go see fix it fast diet In 2020 Madam, she suddenly kept talking slurredly. Bu Feiyan s expression became gloomy after hearing this, then she got up, and she didn t even put on her shoes.So ran out barefoot. When Bu Feiyan ran over, she happened to hear Bai Qing in the room, not knowing what she was talking about.Bu Feiyan came to the bed, first tested Bai Qing s pulse, nothing fix it fast diet was wrong, and then Bu Feiyan leaned down and put her ear to Bai Qing s mouth.After listening for a long time, I heard a few words, but with just such a few words, I gave in and my eyes blushed instantly.Yan er If you are wronged, don t leave alone and come to my mother My mother didn t protect fix it fast diet On Sale you before, and will definitely not let you be wronged again. Such intermittent words, if not I listened fix it fast diet Wholesale carefully, but I couldn t tell what she was saying.Bu Feiyan s eyes were red, and Su Moya behind him just looked at Bu Feiyan

and didn how to lose 50 pounds in 2 months t speak, thinking what happened to Bai Qing, so he asked the magic pill diet plan a little anxiously Doctor, how is she, madam What a big problem. Bu Feiyan fix it fast diet stretched out his hand Free Samples Of fix it fast diet fix it fast diet and inadvertently wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes, then miracle weight loss pill got up and covered Bai Qing with a quilt. Then he said, No problem, it s just a nightmare. This section is just fine, you go out first, I will take care of her here. Hearing what Bu Feiyan said, Su Moya was still a little worried, and wanted to stay here fix it fast diet Umeen Hiria and take care of Bai Qing with Bu Feiyan. Seeing that she insisted not to leave, Bu Feiyan said again Help People need a very quiet environment to get rid of nightmare, Su, you are here, you are disturbing us. Su Meme didn t feel embarrassed to stay here anymore when she heard Bu Feiyan say this, she could only look at Bu Feiyan with some worry, and then at the person protein shake diet weight loss results on the bed. Then she turned around and went out again. The two closed the door. Bai Qing kept talking in his dreams, Bu Feiyan waited until everyone had gone, and felt around again, but didn fix it fast diet t find the secret guards that Chu Xiliang had inserted. Surprised, fix it fast diet fix it fast diet Umeen Hiria this Chu Xiliang was quite at ease with himself. However, he was fix it fast diet Umeen Hiria also a little bit depressed. He had been in fix it fast diet the palace for so long, and Chu Xiliang still did not recognize him. Holding Bai Qing s hand in his palm, his eyes fell on Bai Qing s face, Bu Feiyan was chris evans slim down fix it fast diet silent for a long time before speaking slowly. Mother. This call was made in her original voice Mother, I am here, I am back, mother. Bu Feiyan s voice was fix it fast diet low and soft, with a bit of guilt, and a bit of comfort. Bai Qing suddenly heard this dreamy voice in her sleep,

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and squeezed her hand tightly, pulling Bu Feiyan s hand.Held it in the palm of her hand, holding it tightly like that. Bu Feiyan fix it fast diet looked at Bai Qing s face, her eyes were closed tightly, but the corners of her eyes were not consciously, and a tear came down and slid across her cheeks , Finally penetrated into the gap between fix it fast diet her hair.This drop of tears was cold and seemed to disappear between the gaps in Bai Qing s hair, but in fact, it just happened to drip on the tip of Bu Feiyan s heart, making her feel instantly It feels like the vicissitudes of life.Mother, it s me. You wake up and look at me. Bu Feiyan looked at Bai Qing, her voice could not help but choked up a bit.She was talking intermittently. She knew that Bai Qing had always been ashamed of her.From the time Bu Feiyan got married, Bai Qing felt it. Her daughter, it was her fault that she did not marry someone she likes in her fix it fast diet fix it fast diet heart, so this time Bu Feiyan ran away from home.She doesn t blame Bu Feiyan, she only blames herself, she didn t give Bu Feiyan one.The strong backing did not give fix it fast diet her a place to hide. Bu Feiyan comforted Bai Qing for a while, but Bai Qing s emotions finally calmed down.Bu Feiyan sat on the bed again, accompanied Bai Qing sat for a while, and waited until Bai Qing s whole body was asleep, and then stepped into Feiyan.Then he got up, his face a little tired. fix it fast diet She got up, pushed the door out, and when she pushed the door, she saw a group fix it fast diet of people standing outside.The first thing that catches the eye is the figure of Chu Xiliang. Fortunately, the fix it fast diet sadness in Bu Feiyan s eyes was hidden by her long before the door opened.It s just that the

fix it fast diet eyes are still red. Bu Feiyan glanced at Chu Xiliang, quickly lowered her head, and whispered fix it fast diet The emperor. Chu Xiliang put his hands behind him, his gaze fell on Bu Feiyan s body, without speaking. In funny lose weight quotes the yard, for how to lose inner thigh fat a while, it was doctors who prescribe diet pills a little quiet. Bu Feiyan s heart, don t know why, suddenly fix it fast diet jumped very fast. On weekdays, Chu Xiliang is enough to make people unpredictable, and Chu Xiliang, who doesn t speak, makes people feel guilty. Especially when he looks at you like this. It was Su Mo Mo who came forward fix it fast diet and interrupted the peace. She took Bu Feiyan s fix it fast diet hand and said anxiously Just now, I was also in a hurry, so I invited the emperor over. How is the situation now That s it. getting rid of belly fat men Although Su Moya Free Samples Of fix it fast diet was fix it fast diet a little worried, Bu Feiyan still thanked her a little in fix it fast diet her heart. Fortunately, she came forward and broke this period of peace, otherwise, she must have suffered a lot in her alli diet pills amazon heart. So he smiled, and his gaze still didn t li

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