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Recommended By Experts diet fitness article summary diet to lose weight quickly 100% Money Back Guarantee s head and looked.Chu Xiliang glanced at him. Seeing that Chu Xiliang s eyes were deep, he knew that he also had doubts in his heart.Oh How do you think this matter should be handled. Chu Xiliang glanced at the man, raised his eyebrows, and said.The minister glanced at the dying cloth diet fitness article summary Low Price painting lotus, who was kneeling on the ground, without the slightest movement in his face.In return to the emperor, the veteran thought that he should be sent to the jail and wait to be sent down.Hearing that person say that, Bu Feiyan felt that his heart was suddenly lightly hit by something.I can t say there is something wrong, but I just feel that the whole thing is so strange that it makes people feel scared.Oh Chu Xiliang heard the man say that, curling his lips playfully, and did not agree or diet fitness article summary 100% Money Back Guarantee disagree.On the contrary, Ah Jiu, who was standing behind Bu Feiyan, heard the minister s words and suddenly stepped forward and knelt in front of Chu Xiliang with a puff.He said that he was begging for mercy in the painting lotus The emperor, you can t do this The concubine thinks that the concubine empress is weak, but she still has a heart that diet fitness article summary respects her ancestors and ancestors.She diet fitness article summary Online Store came to worship and caused a fire, too. The concubine is also a victim.A Jiu s words diet fitness article summary made Chu Xiliang raise his eyebrows and glanced at A Jiu without saying much.On the contrary, the previous minister sneered a few times when he heard Ah Jiu say this.He stepped forward and knelt in front of Chu Xiliang. He said, The emperor, this la

ck diet fitness article summary of an ancestral hall has always been an unknown sign. If how much does trisha paytas weigh you don t appease the ancestors and the ancestors, and punished the concubine and empress, I am afraid it will harm the country and the people. That person took the country and the diet fitness article summary Umeen Hiria people out as a shield, and Chu Xiliang finally Recommended diet fitness article summary spoke. But he said to Bu Feiyan on the other side What does the queen think, after all, diet fitness article summary this is from the harem. Chu Xiliang actually gave Bu Feiyan diet fitness article summary Umeen Hiria the right to choose this time. Knowing what he was thinking, he smiled and said, The emperor, although this workout routine to lose weight fast concubine empress is a person in the harem, diet fitness article summary she is burning. After the ancestral hall, it is always something related to the national destiny of the imperial court. The concubines and concubines are not good at making decisions for themselves. The constipation and weight gain emperor still needs to decide. After listening to Bu Feiyan s words, Chu Xiliang nodded, diet fitness article summary diet fitness article summary glanced at the minister, and then best supplements for keto said Oh, according to what you said, the weight loss pills doctor oz matter is very serious. It is better to be executed immediately to comfort the diet fitness article summary royal diet fitness article summary column. The ancestors are well. As soon as Chu Xiliang s words fell, the complexions of the few people present instantly changed. Bu Hualian was originally a weak appearance, after hearing Chu Xiliang said such a sentence, his face Her expression became stiff in an instant. She first glanced at Ah Jiu with a bit of resentment, and then diet fitness article summary She looked at Chu Xiliang in disbelief. She was watching how Chu Xiliang sat on the seat diet fitness article summary of the emperor step by step. Therefore, she diet fitness article summary Umeen Hiria knew best that a

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life was nothing to Chu Xiliang. Therefore, she believed more than anyone that Chu Xiliang s words were serious.The emperor, no, my concubine begs you, the emperor, you can t do that.Ah Jiu turned pale when he heard Chu Xiliang say this, and looked back at Bu Hua Lian, and saw Bu Hua Lian.There was a bit of resentment in his diet fitness article summary eyes. He hurriedly recovered and kept asking for mercy.The emperor, the concubine empress was also kind. It was just because she was uncomfortable and negligent, which led diet fitness article summary to this.The ancestors and the ancestors will not blame the concubine empress too much.A Jiubian Said, kowtow to Chu Xiliang. And the minister who diet fitness article summary was kneeling behind them was still speaking righteously.This was also a little frightened. After a long while, he recovered and coughed diet fitness article summary embarrassingly.Then he said Uh the emperor, the old official has something to say. The minister did not wait for Chu Xiliang to speak, and continued to say The emperor, although the concubine is missing the diet fitness article summary ancestral hall, but It is always due to good intentions, so the sin is not dying.Hearing these people say this, Chu Xiliang sneered and said Oh You are the one who diet fitness article summary made me not be merciless.Now You are the one who begged for mercy. diet fitness article summary You really are my good diet fitness article summary courtier.Chu Xiliang s voice was full of mockery. The emperor, the old minister meant that although the concubine empress had reduced the ancestral hall, the death penalty was too serious for the concubine empress, so according to the law of the state of Chu, the concubine emp

ress was imprisoned in diet fitness article summary a jail. Just think about yourself. Really. After listening, Chu Xiliang curled his mouth and said casually. Ah Jiu heard Chu Xiliang say this, knowing that he didn t really diet fitness article summary want to put Bu Hualian to death, her eyes flashed like a light, and diet fitness article summary she hurriedly knelt forward and walked a few steps. When he came to Chu Xiliang, he said The emperor, if the emperor feels that the punishment is not best sources of protein for weight loss enough, the concubines are willing, and the concubines are willing to diet fitness article summary accompany the concubines and Recommended diet fitness article summary empresses to be pills to curve your appetite imprisoned in the which birth control causes weight loss jail, praying for the royal ancestors and ancestors. Recite the scriptures. After Ah Jiu finished speaking, he knelt diet fitness article summary on the ground without speaking. Bu Feiyan looked at Chu Xiliang, feeling a little restless in his what percentage of weight loss is noticeable heart. Ah Jiu and Bu Hualian are clearly in the same group. The two of them have always diet pill for weight loss lived carefully in the palace. How could he forcibly stuff himself in the s

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