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Big Sale five hands diet best way to burn calories With High Quality rst.When he talked to Ah Jiu, his voice did not resemble the shadyness of those court ministers, but it was a bit low and majestic.His. Even though his voice was cold, Bu Feiyan could still hear the difference in his treatment of Ah Jiu.Back to the emperor, Minnu came here today to thank the empress, and Minnu woke up.Knowing, it was the Empress Empress who rescued herself, so I wanted to come and thank the Empress Empress in person.A Jiu s voice is still low and wan, but five hands diet Sale when talking to Chu Xiliang, there is a little more five hands diet imperceptible tremor in it.Hearing A Jiu five hands diet Low Price five hands diet Approved by FDA With that said, Chu Xiliang raised his eyebrows, his lips pressed tightly and did not speak.Even though he didn t know five hands diet why he was suddenly silent, Bu Feiyan was clearly aware of the anger emanating from him.Inexplicable anger. The emperor Ah Jiu started taking care of Chu Xiliang since he was a child, and naturally he also knew Chu Xiliang s temper very well.Seeing Chu Xiliang s appearance, he knew that Chu Xiliang must be angry.So he raised his head, his eyes filled with tears, and his voice five hands diet trembled slightly.Before he could speak, he was stopped by Chu Xiliang s eyes. Bu Feiyan had seen enough of what Ah Jiu had done in front of Chu Xiliang, and she had not forgotten the arrogant appearance of Ah Jiu in front of her.Oh, look at the head of this palace, but you forgot, let Girl Jiu kneel for so long, Xinyi, why don t you remind me, go and help Girl Jiu up.Bu Fei When Yan said this, he gave X

inyi a look, and when Xinyi saw it, what is the best diet pill that works he walked to A Jiu in five hands diet Umeen Hiria two steps and stretched out his hand to help him up. Hearing Bu fast weight loss lunch Feiyan s words, Ah five hands diet Jiu raised his eyes, but it was Chu Xiliang who looked at Chu Xiliang. Seeing that Chu Xiliang five hands diet only looked at him calmly, a flash of injury suddenly flashed herbs to increase appetite in his eyes, and then he staggered. Only then was the court lady beside her stood up, thanked Bu Feiyan, and then sat on the side seat. His lips trembled slightly, and then he began to cough violently. After a The Quickest Way To five hands diet few coughs, I took away the 30 day shred results without dieting handkerchief that was five hands diet Umeen Hiria covering his mouth, and you could see five hands diet a trace of red blood on it. The maid next to Ah Jiu was probably familiar with Chu Xiliang. Seeing that five hands diet Ah Jiu was so wronged, Chu Xiliang didn t even say a few words for her. Taking a five hands diet Umeen Hiria look at Bu Feiyan, he said with a bit of dissatisfaction I have always heard that the empress is kind, but when we meet today, it seems that it is a little different from what we have seen and heard. Our girl kindly came to thank the empress, and Bringing five hands diet a lot of cakes made by our girl herself, the empress five hands diet five hands diet asked our girl to kneel on the five hands diet ground for so long. Hearing that little maid how to lose an inch of belly fat overnight said this, Xinyi who stood behind Bu Feiyan five hands diet couldn t bear it. Lived, just about to stand up and help Bu Feiyan to speak almost. But he didn t want to be pulled by Bu Feiyan in secret, so he could only hold back and stopped talking. Bu Feiyan hooked the corner of his mouth, and his eyes lightly swept over Ah Jiu who was si

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tting on the lower head.Ah Jiu s eyes raised his head, his eyes were always looking at Chu Xiliang.This girl s remarks have broken my palace. Since you call me a queen empress, you want to come.From the bottom of my heart, I treat this palace as a queen empress, but Ajiu girl doesn t seem to think so.As Bu Feiyan said, his eyes turned to Ajiu girl. Then Ajiu glanced at Bu Feiyan, frowning, that kind five hands diet of pitiful appearance immediately appeared skillfully on her face.With a slight movement of her lips, she just wanted to speak, but she heard Bu Feiyan continue to speak I just taught your girl how to be five hands diet a good five hands diet etiquette to meet a queen.After all, there are no women in this world. Who can have that qualification and be able to make a courtesy with this palace Bu Feiyan s remarks were really ironic, and Ah Jiu s face was pale for a while.Her teeth five hands diet were biting her lower lip tightly, five hands diet and she was trembling not knowing how to open her mouth.She was full of tears, but she just looked at Chu Xiliang and didn t speak.Bu Feiyan had heard about the relationship between A Jiu and Chu Xiliang at Su Fenghuai, and she five hands diet knew that she was looking at Chu at this time.Xiliang s intention. Gently hooked five hands diet the corners five hands diet of his mouth, Bu Feiyan leaned back slightly, and picked up the tea on the table in a leisurely manner.Both of five hands diet them were waiting for Chu. Xiliang s response. Chu Xiliang naturally knew what Bu Feiyan meant by doing this, smiled, glanced at Ah Jiu who was sitting on the

lower head, and then passed her, his eyes five hands diet x weight loss finally fell on the one who was waiting next to her. The little maid. The little maid watched the emperor care about their girl a few days ago. She thought that the emperor and the empress were not as affectionate as the rumors said. Therefore, today she what illnesses can cause extreme weight loss took the courage to fight Fei. Yan, thinking that if five hands diet one day Ah Jiu what suppresses appetite can fly to the top of the tree and become a phoenix, then she can also follow the scenery for a while. But she doesn t want to, she five hands diet seems to be thinking something wrong. Chu Xiliang s mouth is slightly smiling, and his eyes are light. It fell on her lightly, just for a moment, it was enough to make her tremble. Unconsciously, there was some sweat in the palm of her hand, and she hid behind Ah Jiu with some fear. Before she could have The Quickest Way To five hands diet any reaction, she heard Chu Xiliang s slightly shady and cruel voice from above her head. The minion from there, Su Fenghuai, palms As soon as Chu Xiliang s words fell, he saw Su Feng s five hands diet figure flashing, and he came to the little maid, raised does abdominal exercises burn belly fat his hand to give her polydipsia polyuria good appetite with weight loss and blurred vision two slaps. The little maid s complexion was instantly blue and purple, and Ah Jiu s eyes appeared. It also shone with a bit of unbelievable meaning, she looked up at Chu Xiliang in a little surprise. Su Fenghuai on one side slapped the girl five hands diet s slap continuously without Chu Xi. Ryo s

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