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Most Effective 1800 calorie diet how does the body get rid of fat Customers Experience back to the palace, long live my 1800 calorie diet Online Store emperor, long live the empress, thousand years old, thousand years old, thousand years old.Chu Xiliang He glanced at her and didn t say anything, but Bu Feiyan, hooked the corners of his lips, smiled faintly These few days, the days when my palace is not in the palace, it is troubled that the imperial concubine takes care of the palace s affairs Bu Feiyan s words are somewhat meaningful.Ah Jiu can naturally hear the ridicule in her words. Even though the hatred in her heart is overwhelming, she finally has to hold back in front of so many people Quickly straightened the expression on his face, Ah Jiu knelt on the ground, nodding slightly, revealing the beautiful white neck.Her voice was gentle but solemn The empress s words are serious, 1800 calorie diet and sharing the worries for the emperor was originally a matter for the concubine.Now that the queen s wife returns to the palace, the concubine will naturally do her best to assist the queen s wife in the Dali harem.With her words, Bu Feiyan curled her mouth and looked at her. During this period 1800 calorie diet Online Shop of time when I was not in the 1800 calorie diet palace, I thought that Ah Jiu made a lot of progress.Well, if 1800 calorie diet Shop you have something to say, go back to the palace 1800 calorie diet and talk about it.Chu Xiliang glanced at Ah Jiu and said in a cold voice. There was

a peaceful and gentle smile on Ah Jiu s face. In an instant, because if i lose weight will i lose my double chin of Chu Xiliang s words, she nodded in embarrassment and got up and tea for weight loss recipe stood aside. Chu Xiliang raised his hand, and the emperor s 1800 calorie diet Umeen Hiria seat went into the palace under the respectful eyes of the loyal minister. Ah Jiu stood on the spot, looking at the two figures of 2 week arm slim down Chu Xiliang and Bu Feiyan, Chu Xiliang s hand 1800 calorie diet was gently resting on Bu Feiyan s waist, 1800 calorie diet so intimate. But he was never gentle to himself. After Chu Xiliang and Bu Feiyan disappeared from the sight of everyone, Ah 1800 calorie diet Jiu turned his head and did not find Su Fenghuai. He thought that Su Fenghuai was walking with Chu Xiliang and Bu weight control doctors near me Feiyan Ah Jiu originally wanted to leave, but after 1800 calorie diet Umeen Hiria Genuine 1800 calorie diet thinking about it, he stopped and glanced at the ministers and their families who easy exercises to lose belly fat had already gotten up. After clearing his throat, he said The emperor and the empress have returned to the palace. The ministers and wives have naturally 1800 calorie diet Umeen Hiria worked hard, so let s go back separately. She said that she was 1800 calorie diet very 1800 calorie diet sympathetic, and the 1800 calorie diet ministers and wives thanked themselves. Ah Jiu watched them all disperse, then turned 1800 calorie diet and walked back Qingning, I didn t see clearly just now. Did Grandpa Su go back to the 1800 calorie diet palace with the emperor and empress Qingning shook Shaking his head and speaking back Niangniang, when t

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he Queen Niangniang 1800 calorie diet entered the palace, Grandpa Su had already returned to the palace with the carriage 1800 calorie diet the Queen Niangniang 1800 calorie diet was riding in.Hearing Qingning say this, the expression on Ah Jiu s face instantly changed.a bit. Seeing that there was something 1800 calorie diet wrong with the expression on Jiu s face, Qingning asked 1800 calorie diet casually, thinking that 1800 calorie diet Jiu would perfuse him, but he listened to Jiu seriously and said, You have been paying attention to the dynamics of the empress empress.If you find anything unusual, report it to me immediately. Qingning nodded after hearing this.When her mother had just entered the palace, she was naturally afraid of anything.Now the empress is not there. In the past few months in the palace, their imperial concubine and empress 1800 calorie diet had already closed most of their contacts in the palace.It is natural to inquire about this news. The two talked all the way and returned 1800 calorie diet to the palace Bu Feiyan and Chu Xiliang returned to the yard, but after a short break, it 1800 calorie diet was already late outside.After dinner, Bu Feiyan 1800 calorie diet and Chu Xiliang sat in the room and talked, and they heard Xinyi outside knocking on the door Miss, the noble concubine is here.Bu Feiyan heard Ah Jiu. Coming over, the smile on her face stiffened, turned her head and glanced at Chu Xiliang, seeing that Chu Xiliang s brow

s were slightly frowned, and she said coolly, It s so late, let her go back. Xinyi responded outside. With a sound, he how did kehlani lose weight went back, Bu Feiyan glanced at Chu Xiliang, raised his eyebrows, and then said It s so late, I want to 1800 calorie diet come to her because something is okay, so it s better to let her talk and listen. With that said, Chu Xiliang stretched will jogging reduce belly fat out his hand and shaved his face, and his voice was a little enchanting If my 1800 calorie diet little fox still has this spare time, it would be better to be with me He deliberately lowered his voice, and there was a blushing 1800 calorie diet feeling in Bu Feiyan s ears. Um When Bu Feiyan wanted to resist, he was instantly taken over by Chu Xiliang s kiss. The night is lingering, and 1800 calorie diet the Genuine 1800 calorie diet room is even more pink. Because Chu Xiliang had tossed him into the middle of the night the first night, so, the next day, Bu Feiyan 1800 calorie diet slept three poles before getting up. Just after washing herself, Xinyi came over with her prescription weight loss injections breakfast. Since Bu Feiyan local weight loss challenge 1800 calorie diet gave birth, her 1800 calorie diet three meals a day have been specially ordered by Chu Xiliang. Bu Feiyan knew that he was worried about his body this way, so he how to loose weight easily and fast let his mind come. Miss, Jiu has been waiting outside for a long time. Xinyi glanced at her step. Feiyan hesitated for a moment, and said in a low voice. When Bu Feiyan heard her say this, the chopsticks in her hand

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