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Good christina aguilera burlesque diet weight loss supplements for teens Online Sale Qing told me today that there is a secret room in Bu Weiheng s study.I already know the way to go to the secret room. Last time, Song Qing told me , Bu Weiheng s person suddenly appeared from Bufu, so I concluded that there must christina aguilera burlesque diet be some secret in that secret room.Chu Xiliang frowned when he heard Bu Feiyan say this, and glanced at it.Chu Xixun. The two of them just said that it was exactly this matter, and Bu Weiheng s manpower last time, they came quickly and disappeared quickly.The person who went to track came back and reported. Their Although the hands were scattered around when they christina aguilera burlesque diet Online ran away, they all disappeared around Bufu in the end.Sansao is really amazing. Now that we know it, let s go and find out what happened.Chu Xixun was caught by Bu Weiheng from Zuo Chuqin last time, and was almost killed after being christina aguilera burlesque diet Online Store killed to sacrifice to the sky.Wei Heng was extremely concerned christina aguilera burlesque diet Clinical Proof about the matter. Hearing what Chu Xixun said, Chu Xiliang thought for christina aguilera burlesque diet a while and slowly said, Well, this matter is left to you to arrange.Don t bring too many people, just the two of us. Chu Xixun nodded, and Bu Feiyan watched these two people speak just like that, and didn t even mean to bring himself.So he said I will go with you too. After all, I know more about Bufu than you do.Chu Xiliang heard her say this, and just wanted to speak, but heard Chu Xi find it.The crowd made a silent gesture, and Chu Xixun stretched out his hand and pointed out

. Bu Feiyan looked outside and saw christina aguilera burlesque diet that christina aguilera burlesque diet there was a shadow of a man outside the door, his figure clearly resembling a girl s house. In fact, Chu Xixun made a mistake just now, someone who can enter and leave Chu Xiliang christina aguilera burlesque diet s imperial christina aguilera burlesque diet Umeen Hiria library in such a stately manner. Bu christina aguilera burlesque diet Feiyan is not christina aguilera burlesque diet Umeen Hiria the only one. I Genuine christina aguilera burlesque diet have seen the imperial concubine empress. Su the shredder diet Fenghuai saw Ah Jiu coming from afar, and wanted to bow early so that people christina aguilera burlesque diet Umeen Hiria inside could hear him. But I didn t want to, but Ah Jiu waved him early and signaled him not to speak. When he got closer, Ah Jiu said in a low voice The emperor must be busy inside. You don t need to disturb me. Just christina aguilera burlesque diet go in and see the emperor. christina aguilera burlesque diet After saying that, he walked in, but after diet pills slim all, Su Fenghuai didn t dare to tell Ah Jiu in just like this, but he said helplessly and saluted. Ah Jiu looked back at Su Fenghuai and didn t say anything. She opened the door and entered the Imperial Study Room. She knew that Chu Xiliang had been discussing does being vegetarian help you lose weight matters with Chu Xixun in the Imperial Study Room these days. However, I didn t expect that Bu Feiyan was here today. Just now, she actually heard what they were discussing in the Imperial Study Room. The emperor, the concubine comes over to give you some porridge, the emperor quick weight loss supplements is busy with slim n up diet pills business, don christina aguilera burlesque diet t neglect your body. Chu Xi looked aside, folded his hands on his chest, smiled and looked at what happened before him. Bu Feiyan glanced. Bu Feiyan just stood aside like this, watch

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ing all this with christina aguilera burlesque diet cold eyes, it was Chu Xiliang s own privilege that Ah Jiu was able to enter and leave Chu Xiliang s imperial study so calmly.The imperial concubine is really virtuous and virtuous, considerate to the emperor.The atmosphere was a little embarrassing for a while, and Chu Xi asked to christina aguilera burlesque diet speak.Looking at Ah Jiu jokingly, Bu Feiyan listened to him saying this, not knowing how, but inexplicably inside, he heard a bit of ridicule.Chu Xixun always likes to have fun, but he doesn t show such hostility to someone christina aguilera burlesque diet for christina aguilera burlesque diet no reason.The Seventh Prince joked, but he was worried about the emperor s body.The emperor worked hard christina aguilera burlesque diet on state affairs. As the emperor s concubine, this palace only cares about the emperor s health.Upon hearing Ah Jiu s sweet confession, Chu christina aguilera burlesque diet Xi christina aguilera burlesque diet asked for a sip of tea.Didn t swallow, was choked, looked at Bu Feiyan, coughing constantly.Bu Feiyan shrugged his shoulders at him, and was also a good looking swallow watching what Chu Xiliang would do with that bowl of porridge.And Ah Jiu also seemed to be certain that Chu Xiliang would definitely drink the bowl christina aguilera burlesque diet of porridge, so he stood in front of Chu Xiliang, holding the bowl christina aguilera burlesque diet of porridge in his hands.For a while, there was no other sound in the Imperial Study Room except for Chu Xixun s coughing sound.Chu Xiliang looked down at the bowl of porridge in Ah Jiu s hand, and then inadvertently looked up at Chu Xixun.From the corner of his eyes, Chu Xiliang cau

ght Chu Xiliang s whistling coldness in his eyes. Reluctantly, he had no choice but to resist the cough, came to Ah Jiu, and couldn t help but said that he took christina aguilera burlesque diet the bowl of porridge in his Genuine christina aguilera burlesque diet hand. He raised his head and took a sip, and his cough was relieved a lot I have to say that the craftsmanship of the imperial concubine is really good. A Jiu originally prepared porridge christina aguilera burlesque diet for Chu Xiliang, but Chu female weight loss pill Xixun took it away. I was a little diet challenge to lose weight annoyed for a while, but because of Chu Xixun s identity, I was embarrassed to say more. I could only smile calmly, and said with christina aguilera burlesque diet a gentle best weight losing pills voice The Seventh Prince is overwhelmed. If the Seventh Prince likes it, I will do more christina aguilera burlesque diet next time so that the Seventh Prince and the Queen Empress will also try it. Chu Xixun knew. She was just playing perfunctorily, so she didn t care, nodded, and said nothing more. Chu Xiliang glanced at Ah Jiu, although his voice was not cold, but there christina aguilera burlesque diet was really not much warmth. If lose fat stomach it s okay, go out first. Chu Xiliang s words japanese diet pills that work best 500mg red capsules made the expression on Ah Jiu s face a little stiff. She raised her eyes and glanced at Bu Feiyan and then at Chu Xiliang, forcibly suppressing the jealousy in her eyes. Go down. Why can Bu Feiyan stay here, but she can t. But after all, at this time, it was not the time when the face was jealous, Ah Jiu nodded, and after bowing to everyone, he turned and walked out

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