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100% Effective new direction diet products natural ways to lose weight quickly Wholesale of the words clearly, and the medical book had been taken away by He Mingran who was standing aside.The empress is pregnant, so don t bother to look at these things.He Mingran said with a slight embarrassment when he saw Bu Feiyan s eyes locked on his body.Due Ming San Bu Feiyan muttered new direction diet products softly, and then raised his eyes to look at Li Hongrui who was standing in front of him, with a little bit of surprise in his eyes.If she remembers correctly, when she went to heal Ah Jiu a few days ago, the poison in Ah new direction diet products Big Sale Jiu was scattered.Queen Empress Seeing Bu Feiyan, He Mingran began to ask about this matter. He was a little panicked for a while, and looked at Bu Li Hongrui without any fault.When Li Hongrui saw this, the expression on his new direction diet products face paused, and his lips moved.He just wanted to explain something, but he didn t want to hear a loud noise coming from outside.Bu Feiyan turned her head and looked over, but saw that the little eunuch was the one who often sent things to her yard.Bu Fei Yan thought that he might be looking for him, so she got up and went out.When the little eunuch saw Bu Feiyan, his eyes brightened, and he came new direction diet products Ingredients and Benefits: to the front of Bu Feiyan and knelt down to salute Bu Feiyan.Then he opened his mouth and continued The minion has seen the empress, aunt Xinyi in the empress s palace, and new direction diet products ordered the minion to come and ask the empress to go back.Bu Feiyan frowned when she heard the little eunuch say this, she thought it was.Who was there Xinyi couldn t walk away, so she asked the little eunuch to come and find herself.Thinking of new direction diet products With High Quality this, Bu Feiyan couldn t help but nodded, turned to look at Li Hongrui, and pau

sed. Then he said in a low voice new direction diet products Master s things, I always don t like to intervene, but since the master has accepted the emperor s order, I new direction diet products Umeen Hiria ll also know if I want to come, I saved the destiny best natural diet pill on Ah Jiu. Anything you want to ask, Just ask me. Although I am his wife, I am not a stingy person. After speaking, Bu Feiyan didn t wait for Li Hongrui to say anything, so he new direction diet products took Wangqiu and the little eunuch and left together. Seeing Bu Feiyan and the others go away, He Mingran asked in a low voice with some confusion Master, the empress, did she misunderstand something Li Hongrui s gaze fell on Bu Feiyan. Empress Empress has always been how many calories can i eat and still loose weight a smart subcutaneous fat does not person, and she has discovered the matter now. It won t be new direction diet products long before I think about it. After a long sigh, Li Hongrui did not new direction diet products Umeen Hiria know how to do this. He said helplessly From what the Queen Empress said just now, I have misunderstood something. If this is the case, then I can keep it as long as I new direction diet products can After coming out of the hospital, Bu Feiyan and Wang Qiu returned to their yard all the way back to their yard. Before reaching new direction diet products Umeen Hiria the door, they saw a car parked at the door. Bu Feiyan s footsteps paused. After a while, watch fast and the furious 7 online the smile on her face faded a bit, and then she continued to lift her foot and Cheapest And Best new direction diet products walked inside. Pushing the door in, she saw a person sitting in the room, Xinyi stood quietly on the side with new direction diet products a cup on the table new direction diet products Qingcha. The people in the room heard the movement of pushing the door, turned their heads and looked around, and saw that diet pills 3x Bu Feiyan had come in, they all got up hurriedly and saluted Bu Feiyan. Na Ah Jiu, supported by the maid, bowed his knees and saluted Bu Feiyan, but the

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knee did not kneel down.He just bent slightly and got up. Bu Feiyan glanced over Ah Jiu, ignoring her, since Gu came to the main seat and sat down.Xinyi new direction diet products saw that Bu Feiyan was back, and she was a little relieved.Steps came to stand behind Bu Feiyan, and Bu Feiyan took a sip of hot tea from the table.It is the scented tea that she has always liked. The empress empress also likes scented tea.I have always studied flower tea. If the new direction diet products empress likes it, I can discuss new direction diet products it with the empress.Xinyi is new direction diet products following Bu Feiyan, so it is naturally clear about the conflict between Bu Feiyan new direction diet products and Chu Xiliang the other day.It s all because of the person in front of you. So, at this time, it s just that.I don t want to new direction diet products show her a good face. When the voice new direction diet products of Ajiu s voice just fell.Xinyi glanced at Ajiu, smiled and said What kind of identity does the girl use to talk to the empress empress, in front of the empress empress The person who claims to be me is the emperor alone.When she spoke, she slammed Ah Jiu on an absolute path, but Ah Jiu didn t expect that at first, Xinyi will stumble her.The expression on his face was gloomy, but then he quickly hid his new direction diet products expression, stepped forward, and Yingying gave Bu Feiyan a bow.This was when she said softly If you go back to the empress, the girl is used to addressing the emperor, so in front of the empress, she forgot for a while, so please don t mind the empress.She said, He said very softly, but he revealed a piece of news to new direction diet products those present.The relationship between her and the emperor is very close. new direction diet products Everyone in the world knows that the emperor has never been close to female sex.The only

person who can get close to the upper new direction diet products body of the emperor is this unique empress. But pure slim 1000 diet plan now, another woman has appeared, and the relationship between her and Chu Xiliang is even more intriguing. As a result, Xinyi felt a little anxious for a while. She turned her head and glanced 5 day juice cleanse weight loss recipes at Bu Cheapest And Best new direction diet products Feiyan, and saw a few smiles on her mouth. There was no sign of anger at all, such a stepping face made Xin Yi a little relaxed. When new direction diet products she retracted her gaze, Xin Yi s eyes just caught a glimpse, that Ah Jiu s gift to Bu Feiyan was only half courtesy. In Chu State, according to the rules of the palace, only two people of equal new direction diet products status can do a half ceremony. She was clearly declaring war with Bu Feiyan silently. Thinking of this, Xin Yi couldn zumba slimdown guides t help feeling annoyed in new direction diet products her heart. She new direction diet products just wanted to speak, but she didn new direction diet products t want her wrist to be pulled by Wang Qiu on one side. Wangqiu gave fat deposits in stomach Xinyi a garcinia cambosia diet pills wink, but at this time, He Xinyi was already aroused by Na Ajiu, how could she take into account Shang Wangqiu

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