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Recommended food and diets does green tea help u lose weight Do They Work ed expressions.It s hard for two people. Sansao Listening to what Chu Xixun was about to say, Bu Feiyan sighed, turned slightly, did not face Chu Xixun again, and said Okay, you don t need to say it, I and him In between, there is always a Jiu, such a living existence, in any case, can not be erased, what should happen, has already happened, and now, nothing can be changed.Bu Feiyan He sighed, turned his head and looked at Chu Xixun, no longer concealing the pain in his eyes, and released it all to Chu Xixun.She pointed her finger at the position of her chest, and said, Chu Xixun, have you ever felt tired Here I am very tired, really tired.After speaking, Bu Feiyan stopped talking and turned around. Go in the other direction.Chu Xixun looked at her like this, food and diets and said loudly behind her That dagger, just a little bit, hurt my third brother.When Chu Xixun said this, Bu Feiyan s footsteps stopped. After a while, her body stiffened in place, even though there was no sound, Chu Xixun was still able to see her body, shaking constantly.When dealing with the wound, my third brother didn t take anesthetics.He just like that, he lived to bear it, gritted his teeth and endured.Chu Xixun s words, like a knife, food and diets Free Shipping pierced his face bit by bit. In my heart.Sansao, food and diets Approved by FDA guess what was the last thing my third brother told me before he fell into a coma.Chu Xi found out that Bu Feiyan still food and diets didn t speak. He smiled bitterly and asked.He asked me whether such pain can offset your heartache at the time. These last words, like the last impetus, just took food and diets Shop the dagger food and diets deeply into the bottom.Leave no food and diets trace, leave no room. After all, his body staggered a few steps, and Bu Feiyan breathed heavily, Chu Xixun stepped forward quickly to hold Bu Feiyan.Is i

t my fault Is it my fault Chu Xixun, you say, is it my fault. Bu Feiyan food and diets turned around, holding Chu food and diets Umeen Hiria Xixun s arms tightly with her cold hands, she was somewhat Asked anxiously. Like a drowning man, in panic, she caught a life saving straw, and she kept asking. Sansao, you are not wrong. food and diets Umeen Hiria Sansao, you are not wrong. Chu Xixun sighed and looked at Bu Feiyan. When Bu Feiyan heard him say this, she stopped suddenly, her eyes flushed red. Chu Xixun. Then why, I was the one who was tortured, why, everyone came to force me, Chu Xixun, then tell me what should I do. Bu food and diets Feiyan looked at Chu Xixun, his eyes flushed, but he didn t cry. come out. I didn t want pure garcinia cambogia reviews fda to be entangled by this red feeling, but he created a gentle town for me. He told me that I can be willful. The beautiful promises he made to me, but now, he has changed. No, food and diets Third Brother, he hasn eating more to lose weight t changed. Chu Xixun heard how to stop eating sugar and lose weight Bu Feiyan say this, food and diets weight loss after ovarian cyst removal and said without holding back. Only after meeting Bu Feiyan s cold eyes, he silently closed his mouth again. He broke the promise he made to me. He still net calories to lose weight wants me to be the same as before. You know, it s impossible. When Bu Feiyan said this, his tone was very light, and it made people feel distressed Go back, he is still in a coma now, even if I food and diets feel cold, I still love him after all, food and diets Umeen Hiria so please help me take good care of him. After Bu Feiyan finished speaking, he planned to let go food and diets of Cheapest And Best food and diets Chu Xixun s hand. Go forward. Sansao, how are you able to forgive my third brother Chu Xixun looked at her about to leave, and food and diets couldn t help but asked. Bu food and diets Feiyan s footsteps stopped for a while, and then she shook her head. Is there really no way, but , Didn t you still say that you love him Chu Xixun was a little unwilling. Hearing Chu Xixun s question, Bu Feiyan stopped,

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turned and looked food and diets at Chu Xixun, her eyes were full of serious expressions.She spoke, food and diets every word. Extremely clear It s because I still love him, that s why I account for so much.If I don t love him, he will save whoever he wants to save. I don t even bother to care.After speaking, Bu Feiyan stopped staying, took a few steps quickly, and returned to her yard.Chu Xixun looked at the back of Bu Feiyan hurriedly leaving. Although food and diets she looked calm food and diets at the last time, in reality, she was so calm.The footsteps of the trip are so flustered that they are out of form.Looking up at the world of feelings, who has been spared by the heavens.Bu Feiyan spent a whole day in the yard, but fortunately there are two children passing the time, Bu food and diets Fei Yan didn t feel so difficult, but it was at night.After food and diets food and diets all, Bu Feiyan food and diets couldn t help it, and became uneasy. There was no news from Chu Xiliang.Bu Feiyan worried that he was still there. He hasn t woken up yet, but I am worried that he is waking up, so I don t send anyone over to notify him.The more I think about it, the more restless I am. I just hear Xinyi talking lowly with Wangqiu outside, Bu Fei After all, Yan couldn t help but pushed the door and went out.Both Xinyi and Wangqiu were fought like Bu Feiyan. They were shocked.Miss, what s wrong Bu Feiyan glanced at Xinyi, paused, and said, Go to the Imperial Study Room to find out if the emperor has woken up.Xinyi nodded solemnly when she heard Bu Feiyan say this. Just about to leave, she heard Bu Feiyan continue to order When inquiring, be smart, don t say I told you to come over After Xinyi heard this, she smiled quietly in her heart, but she still looked serious and serious on her face.Okay, you can rest assured, Miss. After Bu Feiyan gav

e orders, she felt a little embarrassed, closed food and diets the door and stopped coming out. Xinyi went there for a while and then returned. Bu Feiyan opened the door a little anxiously. How is it Bu food and diets Feiyan asked, food and diets pretending to be calm. Miss, the slave and maid Cheapest And Best food and diets just went over and watched. The emperor hasn t woken up diabetes medication for weight loss yet. I heard that he lost too much blood, so he has lose belly fat meal plan always been unconscious. Xinyi said that, Bu Feiyan dr dre weight loss became more worried, drugs used for weight loss Chu Xiliang, who has a smoothie to lose weight bad temper. Even if he is in a coma, if he doesn t want to take food and diets medicine, then no one can help food and diets him. Oh, Miss, don t worry, you are food and diets unconscious At that

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