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Welcome To Buy fat loss diets too fat to walk Online Sale Why don t you go to the morning court yet.Chu Xi Liang turned over, hugged Bu Feiyan in his arms, and muttered in a low voice Today is a holiday.Bu Feiyan heard him say so, it was clear. Knowing that Chu Xiliang has been too busy these days and has fat loss diets Wholesale no time to rest well, so he didn t bother him either.He got up, passed by him, wanted to get out of bed, but didn t want to, Chu Xiliang grabbed his ankle.Oh, what are you doing. Bu Feiyan staggered, almost fell, looked down at Chu Xiliang, and cursed softly.Chu Xiliang squinted her eyes and said with some fat loss diets dissatisfaction It s hard to sleep late, little fox, fat loss diets don t move, let me hold it for a while.Bu Feiyan wanted to accompany Chu. Xiliang lay down for fat loss diets In 2020 a while, but didn t want to, Ah Jiu came so early.I ll go out first, I think it s Jiu who is asking for a warrant with me.I will give it to her and come back to be with you, okay. It s rare to see Chu Xiliang behaved like a baby, Bu Feiyan leaned over and kissed her relative Chu Xi Cool his lips, coaxing him softly.Yeah. Chu Xiliang saw that Bu Feiyan had risen, he could only hum reluctantly, holding Bu Feiyan intimacy for a while before letting Feiyan go.Because Ah Jiu was already waiting outside, Bu Feiyan thought, went early to give him the warrant, and came back to accompany Chu Xiliang for a while, so he just washed it with this water.Putting on clothes and no makeup, he tied his hair back to his head and fat loss diets Customers Experience made it into a strand, and then came to the front hall.Ah Jiu was already waiting there. Hearing the voice, Ah Jiu turned his head and came over when he saw Bu Fei Yan s face.He was really shocked. The world has heard about the beauty of the Queen Empress, shocked to heaven, she was really shocked when she saw Bu Feiyan.But I just

thought that no matter how beautiful she was, she was fat loss diets only created by clothes and makeup, Choosing a Safe and Successful fat loss diets how to lose 2 pounds in 1 day but we met this morning. Bu Feiyan is just wearing ordinary acai berries diet pills plain clothes, and her hair is simply tied behind her head. No eyes are clean, there is no trace of makeup, but it is still beautiful, making people unable to move their eyes. The concubine fat loss diets Umeen Hiria has fat loss diets seen the empress empress and came here so early, fat loss diets but she has disturbed the empress a little. In fact, Bu Feiyan was also a little sleepy. After Chu Xiliang came back last night, she insisted on holding fat loss diets her and tossing. After that, she fat loss diets let her go. When I got up this morning, Bu Feiyan felt a little sore on her body. Yeah. You came here so early, there must be something. Bu Feiyan glanced at A Jiu, walked to the seat and prepared it, raised his hand, and signaled A Jiu to sit down too. In response to the empress empress, the court concubine came over this time because she wanted to borrow money from the empress empress. At this point, Ah fat loss diets Jiu looked down slightly, with a look of embarrassment on her fat loss diets face. Oh Is there something big going on in the palace When Bu Feiyan heard her say this, as if she didn t know what was going on, she frowned slightly and asked in a low voice. What Ah Jiu wanted new weight loss treatment was Bu Feiyan to ask. Hearing her say so, Nodded, fat loss diets Umeen Hiria raised his eyes to look at Bu Feiyan. Although it was a very self blame tone, Bu Feiyan was not difficult to hear. The faint excitement in her tone. The flower of the how to take fat burners Queen s Year, four days later, it fat loss diets Umeen Hiria will be a concubine. It s his birthday. When she said this, she paused, deliberately carefully observing the changes in Bu Feiyan s expression, and she saw that does medicaid cover weight loss pills when Bu Feiyan heard her birthday, she frowned slightly. She smiled triumphantly. He smiled, and then said The

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concubine also knows that the city and county have been plagued fat loss diets recently, and the treasury is running out.Thinking about the birth date of the concubine, it s good to just pass by like this.But the emperor didn t think so. When she said here, she looked straight at Bu Feiyan, and wanted to see a trace of fat loss diets jealousy or annoyance into Bu Feiyan s eyes.But after she observed it carefully. Did not notice any change in Bu Feiyan s expression, her eyes were still calm and terrible.Bu Feiyan saw that Ah Jiu looked at herself and didn t speak, knowing that if she didn t speak, she would probably not be able to perform this scene.So fat loss diets he nodded and asked Oh What did the emperor fat loss diets say A Jiu straightened his body when he heard Bu Feiyan s question, and continued to speak The news is also just received by the courtiers.The emperor has ordered someone to send invitations to the ministers and their wives, and then he ordered the ministers.Concubine Haosheng Cao, the moderator of this banquet, fat loss diets said that after all, this was the first birthday fat loss diets of a concubine fat loss diets after entering the palace, and said that nothing could be fooled.Hearing what Ah Jiu said, Bu Feiyan nodded, his expression still unchanged, and said faintly Well, so, it s also very good, you can take the emperor s care for fat loss diets you, and handle it well.This banquet. Ajiu is not angry when he sees Bu Feiyan. Although a little surprised, it is inevitable that he can t suppress the joy in his heart.So, the concubine came this time to ask for the warrant of the queen empress.After all, there are some things that need to fat loss diets be obtained. Moved in fat loss diets the House of Internal Affairs.When Bu Feiyan heard her say this, she nodded, turned her head and fat loss diets glanced at Xin Yi, Xin Yi knew it, and raised her foot to get Bu Fei Yan

s warrant. Not long after Xin Yi left, Bu Fei Yan listened. fat loss diets fat loss diets After a while of can i lose weight footsteps, I thought it carbs make you fat was Xinyi s return, but didn t want to. Turning his head, will water pills make you lose weight does lymphoma always cause weight loss he just saw Chu diet plans to lose belly fat Xiliang, who was disheveled, fat loss diets coming in from the outside. Seeing the middle clothes, the placket of the chest is wide open, revealing the thin fat loss diets chest. Ah Jiu naturally heard fat loss diets the sound, turned his fat loss diets head, and saw that Chu Choosing a Safe and Successful fat loss diets Xiliang had come in. When fat loss diets his eyes fell on Chu Xiliang s half open chest, his eyes darkened and his face sudde

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