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Recommended By Experts diet programs best weight loss program for women In 2020 after the carriage stopped.He greeted people to make a way out and carried Chu Xiliang into the room with Bu Feiyan.In the room, Li Hongrui and He Mingran were already waiting. So, miss her Xinyi has never experienced such a scene since the last time her life was hanging by a thread.It s okay, it s okay. Su Moya naturally saw Bu Feiyan being carried back by Chu Xiliang, covered in blood, and stretched out his hand to diet programs Shop hold Xinyi s hand.Even though he said that, his hand couldn t help. Trembling. That night, everyone diet programs did not close their eyes I don t know how long I slept, but Bu Feiyan felt all over her body and was covered in pain everywhere.She coughed a little bit painfully, but was awakened by the full smell in her throat.Miss, you re awake, my lord, Miss, she s awake. Xinyi s voice broke into Bu Feiyan s ears, and Bu Feiyan opened her eyes slightly, and she saw Chu with blushing eyes.Xiliang and Xinyi with a haggard face. Cough cough Bu Feiyan wanted to speak, but just wanted to speak, but was choked by the strong bloody smell in his throat, his chest undulating violently.Xinyi simply dressed, turned around to pour a glass of water, Chu Xiliang reached out and took the tea, handed it to Bu Feiyan, held Bu Feiyan halfway, and drank some water.After Bu Feiyan suppressed the strong bloody smell in her throat, her breath became much smoother, and Chu Xiliang saw it and diet programs Online Sale carefully laid Bu Feiyan diet programs Online Store flat on the bed.Miss, how are you. Xinyi looked at Bu Feiyan and asked pitifully.Bu Feiyan closed her eyes slightly and said softly It s okay, diet programs I m not awake now.Speaking of such a little flower, Bu Feiyan still felt that the pain in her body had begun to slowly be awakened, and she didn

t notice it when she was injured. Only when I wake up, I can feel that this wound is so painful. I m tired. I want to sleep for a while. You all get back. After Bu Feiyan finished speaking, he closed his eyes. Although his breath was weak, it was stable. From beginning to end, she never paid attention to Chu Xiliang. Never gave Chu Xiliang the slightest look. Xinyi waited for diet programs Umeen Hiria Bu Feiyan to lie down and covered her with a quilt. Then she came diet programs diet programs to Chu diet programs Umeen Hiria Xiliang and Bu Feiyan was in a coma for two or three days. Chu Xiliang stayed in front of Bu Feiyan s bed without diet programs diet programs rest. Although she didn t know what happened to the two of them, even Xinyi was how to lose face and neck fat careless. It can diet programs be seen diet programs Umeen Hiria that my lady, to the emperor, is really too cold. The emperor, you see that you haven t rested for a few days. My diet programs lady has gone to bed now. Why not go to rest as well The newest diet programs as the emperor Xinyi looked at Chu Xiliang s slightly stiff face and didn t know for a moment. How should Dao speak, but since she is the only one here, Xin Yi can only force her how to become skinny fast without exercise to speak. I thought that according to Chu Xiliang s temper, he would be furious, but today, fat loss stack he did not. He heard Xinyi say this, diet programs and his eyes fell on Bu Feiyan who was lying on the are brussels lname good for weight loss bed with his eyes closed. After all, a flash of helplessness. Then he nodded, leaned over, and gently dropped a kiss on Bu Feiyan s forehead. This question is hot and gentle. Hearing the footsteps of people going out, Bu Feiyan slowly opened his eyes, a pair of eyes diet programs were full of diet programs tears, and Bu Feiyan looked at the ceiling in front of him without blinking. The moment prescription pills to lose weight when Chu Xiliang turned and ran towards Ah Jiu was constantly playing back in his mind. That back figure, like a sharp sword, stabbed every corner o

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f Bu Feiyan s heart.Some can t breathe. Bu Feiyan closed his eyes again, and a hot tear followed Bu Feiyan s cheeks slowly.After all, she couldn t match the severe pain and exhaustion of her body, Bu Feiyan eventually fell into a deep sleep.In the dream, Bu Feiyan only felt that her body was cold and hot.A second ago, her memory was still in Chu Xiliang s hand and hugged her in his arms, lowered his head and kissed her lips gently and delicately, his eyes were so diet programs petting that people could not diet programs bear it.But in the next second, Bu Feiyan suddenly saw Chu Xiliang s eyes cold.When the two of them stood on the edge of the cliff, Chu Xiliang slapped his hand without hesitation.Pushing Bu Feiyan down, then turned around, raising his foot diet programs without any hesitation, and diet programs passed towards Ah Jiu, diet programs who diet programs was waiting a long time ago.This kind of ice and fire makes it a little bit painful for Feiyan to give in.She knows it is a dream, but she doesn t know why, so she can t wake up.Little fox, little fox Bu diet programs Feiyan didn t know why, she was clearly falling into the abyss, but she could still hear Chu Xiliang s voice in her ears, and her brows wrinkled tightly.She wanted to open her eyes, but the darkness around her and the pain in her chest made her sober.After all, she was not struggling, and Bu Feiyan fell into a coma again.Chu Xiliang looked at the person on the bed, and after struggling a few times, he became quiet again, his lips pressed tightly, and the faces of Li Hongrui and He Mingran on one side were naturally not very beautiful.Didn t you say that as long as she wakes up, she will be fine. diet programs Chu Xiliang looked at the person on the bed and spoke in a cold voice.He knew diet programs Li Hongrui s positio

n in Bu Feiyan s fat burner energy drink heart, how to reduce belly fat naturally so he resisted it and didn t The newest diet programs do anything Return to loose stomach fat in a week diet programs loose weight in a week diet the emperor s flower, diet programs although the body of the empress s empress has been severely injured, but it cannot allow the empress s When she continued diet programs to fall into diet programs a coma, the symptoms of the empress empress are actually Li Hongrui paused after saying this, looked up at Chu Xiliang, knelt on the ground with a thump, and then continued to speak In fact, the empress did not want to. wake up. Hearing Li Hongrui s words, the expression on Chu Xiliang s face diet programs instantly stiffened on his face, and his chest seemed to be pierced with a sharp weapon. The pain made people feel a little flustered. I don t 2 week slim down plan want to wake up, you Said she didn t want to wake u

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